Winnipeg, MB

1551 4th St
Florence, OR
97439 US

Total Distance: 2681.62 km Total Estimated Time: 33 hours, 18 minutes

There are 1.06 km between your starting location and the beginning of your driving directions. Use maps to get from your starting location to the beginning of your route.

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2:  Go West on PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY 85 to TRANS CANADA 1. 8.37 km
3:  Go West on TRANS CANADA 1 passing by Brandon- MB to Saskatchewan. 309.31 km
4:  Go West on TRANS CANADA 1 passing by Regina- SK to Alberta. 656.27 km
5:  Go West on TRANS CANADA 1 towards Medicine Hat- AB to CROWSNEST HIGHWAY (3). 52.62 km
6:  Go West on CROWSNEST HIGHWAY (3) towards Lethbridge- AB to PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY 5. 159.00 km
7:  Go Southwest on PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY 5 to PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY 2. 79.02 km
8:  Go South on PROVINCIAL HIGHWAY 2 to the border of United States. 19.15 km
9:  Go South on US-89 to GLACIER PARK RD. 30.90 km
10:  Go Southwest on GLACIER PARK RD to local road. 82.07 km
11:  Go Southwest on local road to US-2. 1.93 km
12:  Go Southwest on US-2 passing by Kalispell- MT to US-93. 51.18 km
13:  Go South on US-93 to MT-28. 53.75 km
14:  Go Southwest on MT-28 to MT-200. 75.80 km
15:  Go Southeast on MT-200 to MT-135. 11.59 km
16:  Go West on MT-135 to I-90 WEST. 34.44 km
17:  Go West on I-90 WEST to Idaho. 51.98 km
18:  Go West on I-90 WEST to Washington. 121.66 km
19:  Go West on I-90 WEST passing by Spokane- WA to US-395 (Exit 220). 129.23 km
20:  Go Southwest on US-395 passing by Kennewick- WA to I-82 EAST. 167.53 km
21:  Go East on I-82 EAST to US-395. 1.77 km
22:  Go Southeast on US-395 to US-730. 1.61 km
23:  Go Southwest on US-730 to I-84 WEST. 25.75 km
24:  Go West on I-84 WEST passing by White Salmon- WA to I-205 (Exit 9B). CONSTRUCTION: BETWEEN EXITS 35 AND 45\; AT EXIT 13. 266.18 km
25:  Go South on I-205 to I-5 SOUTH. 32.03 km
26:  Go South on I-5 SOUTH passing by Salem- OR to I-105 (Exit 194). CONSTRUCTION: BETWEEN EXITS 249 AND 260. 155.30 km
27:  Go West on I-105 to OR-99. 5.79 km
28:  Go West on OR-99 to OR-126. 2.09 km
29:  Go West on OR-126 to US-101. 93.34 km
30:  Go South on US-101. 0.85 km
Total Estimated Time:   Total Distance: 
33 hours, 18 minutes   2681.62 km

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