Phoenix, AZ

1551 4th St
Florence, OR
97439 US

Total Distance: 1290.96 miles Total Estimated Time: 22 hours, 27 minutes

1:  Start out going West on E WASHINGTON ST towards N CENTRAL AVE by turning right. 0.52 miles
2:  Turn RIGHT onto N 7TH AVE. 0.87 miles
3:  Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the I-10 W ramp towards LOS ANGELES. 0.35 miles
4:  Merge onto I-10 W. 369.20 miles
5:  I-10 W becomes US-101 N. 11.32 miles
6:  Take CA-170 N towards SACRAMENTO. 0.20 miles
7:  Merge onto CA-170 N. 6.43 miles
8:  CA-170 N becomes I-5 N. 838.31 miles
9:  Take the I-105 W/OR-126 W exit- exit number 194B- towards EUGENE. 0.24 miles
10:  Merge onto I-105 W. 3.39 miles
11:  Take the OR-99 N/OR-126 exit towards W. EUGENE/FLORENCE. 0.14 miles
12:  Merge onto W 6TH AVE. 0.96 miles
13:  Turn LEFT onto GARFIELD ST. 0.39 miles
14:  Turn RIGHT onto W 11TH AVE. 6.42 miles
15:  W 11TH AVE becomes OR-126. 51.90 miles
16:  Turn LEFT onto OREGON COAST HWY/US-101. 0.32 miles
Total Estimated Time:   Total Distance: 
22 hours, 27 minutes   1290.96 miles

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